5 ways to win at working from home

5 ways to win at working from home

Working from home. It’s the future. And for many of us, it’s the now.

Working remotely is on the increase, and a survey of business leaders in London (the Global Leadership Summit) discovered that 34% of those asked said more than half of their company’s full-time staff would be working remotely by 2020. And while 2020 has always sounded like some far-off date full of flying cars and cities in the sky, it’s actually only three years away. Three years.

So, are you part of this trend? Or do you have your eye on a job that isn’t confined to a traditional office space, one that offers you a little more flexibility and freedom and yes, okay then – the ability to sit and work in your underwear all day should that kind of thing float your boat?

Well, working from home brings its own set of conventions and challenges – so here are 5 ways to win at working from home.

1. Get up, get dressed and stick to the plan

Many people like to take advantage of working from home and have the occasional little lie-in. Fair enough, but only so long as you make the most of the time after you get up! So have a set time to wake, get out of bed, shower and get dressed exactly as you would if heading to work in an office. And have a plan in place as to what you’re going to do that day. A tick list is as good a method as any to making sure you work through the tasks you need to do and get each one of them done.

2. Have a set workspace

If you have a spare bedroom that you can turn into a dedicated office complete with desk and chair, then great. It’s somewhere separate that you can head to first thing in the morning, and somewhere that you can shut the door on when you finish your working day. It’s important – where possible – to not blur the lines between home and work life and vice versa, as you’ll soon find yourself working when you should be spending time with the family and resenting your job because of it!

So, even if you haven’t the space to create a dedicated office, at least be sure to clear away all your work stuff and put the laptop out of sight when you’re done for the day.

3. Get out more

Having said all this, working from home needn’t mean that you work from home all the time. Working remotely gives you the flexibility to change the scenery and freshen things up for yourself in the process – so go work in a café or the local library once in a while. If it’s a nice day, why not work outside from a point where you can hop onto the nearest Wifi? It’ll do you good.

4. Take a break

It might sound like we’re teaching you to suck eggs on this one, but you’d be amazed how many people get so drawn into their working duties that they forget to take a break. Don’t let work take over your time at home and spend all of your time sat at the laptop – go for a walk, make yourself a healthy lunch or even (whisper it carefully) grab a quick nap! So long as you’re disciplined and appropriately diarise your break time (that doesn’t mean that you have to be stingy with it however), it’ll refresh and rejuvenate your mind, ensuring you get much more done while you work.

5. Finish on time

While setting a start time for work is important, setting a finish time is equally as vital. Once you’ve got everything done that you need to do for that day and all your ticks are ticked off, power off the laptop, get it closed and put it away. If you have that home office we mentioned earlier, shut the door behind you on the way out and don’t open it again until the start of the next working day.

Working remotely affords you a huge amount of flexibility and the opportunity to blend family and work life together as much or as little as you wish. Provided you can be disciplined and commit yourself to getting everything done that you need to, it can be a terrific way to live and work.

And here at Raring2go! we’re able to give you the opportunity to work from home and remotely in a way that enables you to fully enjoy all the associated flexibility and benefits that this way of working affords you.

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