A letter from our MD

A letter from our MD

So if you’re reading this I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I’ve got 7 questions for you.

Are you;

  • Tired of working long hours for not a lot of money?
  • Done in physically and mentally by the daily commute?
  • Sick of never being at home because you’re working?
  • Desperate to spend more time with your family?
  • Looking to address the work / life balance?
  • Ready to take on the challenge of working for yourself?
  • Prepared to put your all into building something or YOU?

I ask these specific questions because they are the phrases that have come up with pretty much every one of our franchisees as the reason why they have joined us.

There are 52 of them across the country and they came to us from all walks of life and all sorts of different backgrounds.

We have ex service women, ex teachers, ex bankers, ex FMCG Marketers and ex Police Officers and amongst our franchise network.

Though they are all different they all have one thing in common. They all said YES to most if not all of the above questions right before they decided enough was enough and chose to take back control of their lives and tip the life work balance in their favour for once.

And it was that lack of balance that made them buy into a Raring2go! magazine and website publishing franchise.

Now, we are the first to say that, Raring2go! is not a silver bullet, or miraculous in what it offers, but we like to think of ourselves as pretty special. I guess we must be if we have 52 engaged, happy and successful franchisees up running their flexible home based businesses up and down the country.

All our franchisees are now business owners; they run their businesses around their busy lives and their family commitments; they value the freedom and flexibility a successful franchise like Raring2go! delivers.

What are we?

We are an opportunity for the right people to set up and run their own business, with the support of a team that have been helping people do just that for over 10 years.

We are a sense of pride and independence for the people who choose to work with us and we are an income that is meaningful for the people who run THEIR business. For some that is many thousands of pounds a month for others it is a couple.

We are a member of the British Franchise Association and have been for many years. We’ve been around since 2006 and we have a track record, a recognised brand, a great reputation and strong market presence.

In what can be a pretty transient market, we are a recognised, respected and enduring franchise opportunity.

We describe our model as ‘flexible’ as our franchisees run their businesses around their families from home

This means childcare costs disappear whilst quality family time especially during school holidays suddenly reappears.

What we are not

We are not part time, a job, a salary or an income. We are also not a get rich quick scheme and we are not a 100% cast iron guarantee for financial independence (if one really exists, please call me… I’m in!)

We are not a 9 to 5, five days a week with 25 days holiday per year business either.… and finally we are not right for everyone and not everyone is right for Raring2go!

We want to recruit people who want to build something for them.

People who want to build a business which will enable them to provide a healthy lifestyle for their family.

We want people who want to get time back in their lives, time to spend with their family at the most important time of their lives.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions we want to talk.

If you answered YES to more than four of the questions, then we need to speak.

We are proud of what we do and the Franchisees we work with, if you think you should be one of them the only thing you need to do is email me and we’ll chat

You can get me on Freddie@raring2go.co.uk – just type your telephone number in the subject line and I will call you straight back.

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