Don’t look back with regret

Don’t look back with regret

Somebody asked me at a meal recently if I have any regrets.

Believe me, I thought about it good and hard for a moment – but in truth, I already knew the answer. I really don’t have any regrets worth mentioning – I mean, I have a career I enjoy, I get to spend time with my family of which I’m hugely proud, I have a great circle of friends who I get to see as and when I can, and my health is good. Right now – without meaning to seem unduly smug – I’m pleased with my lot and how I’ve arrived here.

Then the question worked its way around the table, and all of a sudden I became quickly aware of just how lucky I am to be in such a position. There were some embarrassed grins. A few eyes were rolled towards the ceiling as those in my company made their confessions – but a theme seemed to emerge.


“If only I’d put in a little more preparation before the job interview, things could be very different right now,” was one story I heard. A couple of other diners bemoaned the fact that they’d stayed in the same job at the same company for too long, and hadn’t taken the opportunity to move on ten years or so ago, when they had the chance to head in a fresh direction and try something new. They were stuck in jobs with horrific commutes, which cut into their precious family time.

It all got me thinking. As I drove home that evening, I reflected on the conversation and the fact that one or two of those who I’d been sat with we’re not only looking back with regret, they were looking back with the mindset that it was now too late to change things for the better. That things had gone too far in the wrong direction.

That’s when I thought back to when I was in a similar position myself. I realised that I’d actually felt the same a few years ago, that I had been stuck in something of a dead-end job that was no longer challenging me, and that I had no longer enjoyed.

Thing was – I took the plunge and did something about it. And because of that, because I took action back then, I now have the career I enjoy, the extra time with family that I was missing and a better quality of life all round.

Rather than plough the same frustrating furrow, I looked beyond where I was working to see what else was out there. I put my needs, goals and ambitions first for a change; almost embarrassingly, I had been putting those factors of my life to one side and forgetting about for far too long! Not any more.

However, if I had stayed where I was, if I hadn’t taken the time to change things – then yes, I’d have the same regrets as those who I was sat listening to over dinner. And that’s the key. It’s all within your power to change and improve things for the better – to work on your terms, to have a career which is both fulfilling and puts you a position from which you can enjoy more time with your family. You just need to take the appropriate action and want to make the change.

Take action – make the change!

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Go on – you won’t regret it!

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