The benefit of running your own business from home

The benefit of running your own business from home

Looking to escape the office grind? Had enough of the morning commute?

Well, you’re part of a large and not entirely exclusive club on that score! But given how many complain and moan about the slog of their working routine, it’s only those who take action and make a change for the better who succeed in getting the better standard of life they crave.

For those who do make the break to swap the office world for the opportunity to run their own business from home, a wealth of benefits suddenly open up to them – and to the world in general!

You get more time with your family

Many people escape the office 9-5 because they don’t get to see their families enough. Working from home is a great antidote to that lack of family connectivity – especially for those with newly born or young children. You can work safe in the knowledge that those you love are close by, and you’re able to keep an eye on what they’re doing. Plus, it’s a joyful reminder of who you’re working for and why in the first place!

You’ll save a lot of money

Working from home give your the freedom to do what you want and when, and one of the biggest draws for our 50+ Franchisees across the country is the amount of money they save on childcare.  Not to mention all the other “commuting” costs.  Of course it comes with it’s challenges but the ability to chose when you work – and when you don’t  – is worth a huge amount to anyone’s pocket.

It’s a better working atmosphere

True, working from home requires real discipline but get that right and you’ll soon discover that your productivity levels rocket skywards. You can set your office out precisely how YOU want to. You don’t have to listen to somebody else’s god-awful choice of radio station: you’re in charge of the office playlist! You can work in total silence too should you want to, and you won’t have to worry about having to label your food in the fridge. In fact, the canteen kitchen always appears to be remarkably well-stocked with all the kinds of food you like…

You “waste” less time and it’s environmentally friendly too

Suddenly your commute reduces considerably, all that time unable to do anything just sat in a car, disappears and the planet breathes a little sigh of relief. No longer are you sat in traffic jams, bumper to bumper with petrol-guzzling motors belching out harmful fumes. Your commute has become a sedate walk down the stairs (or across the landing, depending on where you decide to put your office!). You’ll also find yourself saving money on car fuel, and using your car less cuts down on wear and tear.

You get a better work and home life balance

Again, discipline is key here but working from home means you get the flexibility to work when and how you want to. Some people find that they work better in the evenings, or early in the morning before the kids go to school. However you wish to work it, you can fit your work around your lifestyle and family. You start when you want, you finish when you want. It’s your call.

Here at Raring2go! we have a hugely enjoyable franchising opportunity that enables you to run your own business from home and enjoy all the associated benefits that come along with that. You can see more of your family, work your own way when you want to and still enjoy the benefits of working on a business that keeps you satisfied, busy and engaged. And not only that, it comes to you as a proven success, supported as it is by a nationwide network and a wealth of resources.

So if you’re looking to make that switch to a better way of working, get your hands on our Raring2go! information pack It’s totally free and comes to you with no obligations attached whatsoever – but it’s packed with useful information and will give you a valuable and exciting insight into how our affordable franchise could be just what you need to make the leap to running your own business from the comfort of your own home.

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