What’s it like being a Raring2go! editor?

What’s it like being a Raring2go! editor?

Taking the leap to running your own Franchise business is always a daunting one, (we should know we have helped over 50 people do just that).

You can (and you should) do a lot of research into both the company, the opportunity and the market but there is often one question that needs answering above all others and it is one that no amount of reading will actually answer….

What is it REALLY like?

What does a “normal” day entail, how do the nuts and bolts really work and what are the results both financial and for that mythical work life balance.

We have asked one of Editors, Penny Beddows, to answer some questions about why she chose Raring2go! and what it has meant for life and that of her Family.

Penny Beddows is a mum of two and the Editor of Raring2go! Sutton Coldfield.

She found Raring2go! after being made redundant from her job in a media group.  She is now in her second year and hasn’t looked back.

Hear her story first hand as to why she chose Raring2go! in the first place, what she does on a day to day basis and the rewards both personal and financial.

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